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Le Christiana, a committed establishment in La Clusaz

Getting involved in the life of his village was natural for Christiania. Located in the heart of La Clusaz and mixed with local shops, the establishment is more than just a hotel/restaurant, it is also a place to live.

Adapt to the rhythm of the village of La Clusaz

“There are resorts, where when the white of the snow fades, life fades away”

This is not the case for La Clusaz. It is one of these villages in the Alps which grew up with winter sports but which long before the democratization of snow sports were already full of life. The Christiania is one of those places that make up the center of the village and does not close. We meet there all year round to share hot dishes, cold beers on the terrace or even talk about the rain and the good weather in the morning at the café ☕

Locals meet there and vacationers stay there. Being part of these businesses that bring life to the village all year round and help support the local economy is obvious for Christiania.

A local actor

Participate in the life of Aravis

What would Aravis be without cultural and sporting events and its folklore?

  • Reblochon festival
  • Fry Cross Fair
  • Moonlight Walk
  • Santa Claus Pestacles…

There are many events that take place throughout the year in La Clusaz. Whether it is the Hôtel le Christiania or its restaurant Le Bistro, the establishment happily participates in many village events to support the locals, perpetuate traditions and help people discover the places and history to tourists. 🐄

It is important as a business to be a local player by participating in the life of the place where you are established and by adapting to traditions and local cultures.

Summer mountain and nature view

Respect and cherish our mountains

We all know, water is our future. And in the villages of the Alps it is water that perpetuates life. Water for the grass of our mountain pastures, for the animals that graze, for the making of cheese, to sustain the jobs of our farmers… This fragile and so important to maintain the life of La Clusaz and the surrounding villages. So, making our customers aware of their water consumption is essential. 💧

In your room, you will find signs asking us to change your linen, inviting you to first ask yourself if this is essential. You will also find, on the menu, vegetarian and vegan options to reduce your consumption of animal products.

Contact us for any questions about engagement in the sustainable and social development of Christiania. 🍃

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