The sauna, a pleasant moment of relaxation

For all those looking for well-being after a day of skiing or hiking, the sauna is accessible free of charge to hotel guests.


The benefits of the sauna 🌡️

The sauna has many benefits for the body, especially after physical activities. Did you know that it allows muscle relaxation? In fact, heat helps relax muscles, reduce aches and accelerate recovery!

But that’s not all, dry heat has many other virtues and you will inevitably find the excuse you need to take advantage of it:

  • Elimination of toxins present in the body,
  • Improved blood circulation,
  • Soothing of the nervous system by reducing stress,
  • Stimulation and strengthening of the immune system,
  • Hydration of the skin,
  • Improvement of respiratory capacities…

The most important being this sensation of well-being caused between the cold outside and the heat of the room which will invigorate both your body and your spirit.

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